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Pacto Blanc

The Pacto Blanc is a perfectly balanced and elegant drink that fits in many situations. The addition of the French wine aperitif Lillet Blanc supports the Cuban rum in its floral notes. Stirred on ice and finished off with an orange peel, this rum cocktail is simple and refined.

What you'll need

  • 40ml of Pacto Navio
  • 20ml of Lillet Blanc
  • Optional: Tonic Water
  • Garnish: orange peel

Shake, stir, serve!

  1. In a tumbler, add Pacto Navio rum and Lillet Blanc and stir.
  2. Add ice, mix and serve.
  3. If served with highball glass: fill with Tonic Water.
  4. Decorate with orange peel.

Keep it simple!

"Creating a new cocktail is not always easy. Nevertheless, it is often simplicity that turns a cocktail into a classic. In the end, it should always taste good and the simple but refined recipes are usually the most convincing."

Marian Krause, German bartender, creator of the Pacto Blanc.