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Journey 2

The encounter of two worlds


At the beginning of the XIXth century, Havana was one of the most thriving cities in the Western hemisphere, recognised for its tropical colonial beauty and a beating heart for international trade. Known as the "key to the New World" for its strategic location, it was a crossing port of all trade routes linking Europe to the Americas.

Imagine the magnetic lure of Havana: an international emporium where merchants and adventurers would meet to trade old world goods for New World treasures – porcelain for silver, peaches for pineapples, grapes for sugarcane...

Brought to these global crossroads was the precious Sauternes wine.

Once the sweet wine was received and unloaded in Havana, its barrels were filled with the finest Cuban rum, bringing a taste of the well-loved rich, dark liquor back to the shores of Europe.

During the three-month voyage back to France, a chance encounter happens in each ship’s hold - Cuban rum sloshing in the Sauternes wine-soaked barrels was bestowed with something extraordinary: a particular aroma, a smoother richer flavour.

Today, Pacto Navio rum celebrates this vibrant union by being finished in Sauternes wine casks imported from the Bordeaux region. Rediscover this unexpected fusion in a harmonious Cuban rum full of French character and Caribbean soul.

When Cuban rum meets wine.

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The encounter of two worlds

When Cuban rum meets wine

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