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Pacto Navio warms up the Swedish lands

Flashback to the Pacto Navio rum launch event in Sweden.

Early this autumn, the Cuban rum Pacto Navio was introduced to Swedish bartenders.

Among them were six bartenders from Paradiso, Häktet Vänster, REX, Färgstarkt, Le Hibou and Smålänska Kolonin. All of them were given short instructions beforehand and had seven days to come up with their own Pacto Navio rum Signature cocktail.

Congratulations to all bartenders for their creations!



Are you tempted to try one of the Cuban rum drinks?
We particularly liked the recipe created by Alex Isholt from the Rex Bar who came up with a twist of our own Pacto Blanc Signature cocktail.

Cocktail: La Buena Parte

5cl of Pacto Navio rum
4.5cl of honey and apple cordial with lime (20ml of honey and apple sugar, 2.5cl of lime)
1cl of Lillet Blanc
0.5cl of Yellow Chartreuse

Garnish: Saffron and salt
Glass: coupette or Old fashioned glass



© Pictures from Patrik Johansson