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Pacto Navio at the Athens Bar Show 2019

Continuing its journey across the world, Pacto Navio made a stop in Greece at the Athens Bar Show 2019 to offer rum lovers a unique sensory and immersive tasting experience. In a stand looking like a Sauternes wine cask where our Cuban rum gets its selective finish, guests could first get a perfumed tasting paper strip sprayed previously with Sauternes wine. Why? Because we wanted them to discover the smooth and floral aromas which make Pacto Navio so special. Then, our guests sipped the rum paired with caramelized pineapple, grated coconut, salt, vanilla, cinnamon, star anise and green cress on top, to enhance the rum flavours.

Finally, all guests were encouraged to drink one more sip of Pacto Navio and then taste a mix of powdered pistachio and cocoa, and white chocolate melted with yuzu to highlight the spiced character and citrusy notes of the Pacto Navio rum.

This unique rum tasting experience was created by Thanasis Kouziokas and his team from the Grooove Bar in Volos, where Pacto Navio is already a hit.