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Cocktail night in Havana, birthplace of Pacto Navio

Pacto Navio honoured its Cuban roots during a special night with rum cocktails and food pairing, hosted by Conbac.
Conbac is a collective of top bars in Havana which aim to honour and promote contemporary mixology in Cuba. Carrying on the legacy of the golden age of Cuban cocktails, they explore new tastes and aromas, yet in an authentic way.

Our favourite rum cocktail was the amazing Blondie. An innovative, delicious way to mix Cuban rum, white wine and grape liqueur in a cocktail…


Pacto Navio Rum
Sauvignon blanc white wine
Grappa liqueur
Falernum (syrup from the Caribbean containing spices, lime, and almond, usually used in exotic cocktails)
Pimento bitters