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The product

When Cuban rum meets fine wine

A delicate, crafted rum with a palatable and round character.


Deep mahogany amber shade with bright reflections.


Toasted fruits and delicate flowers, the first impression of this dark rum spreads a honey-like sweetness, accented with caramel and vanilla aromas.


Complex and round blend with hints of caramel and vanilla notes, developing into cinnamon, citrus and spices aromas, and a subtle lingering finish of dried fruits.


A several-minutes-long finish certifies the genuine richness of this Cuban rum.

Pacto Navio is a blend of meticulously selected aged Cuban rum bases, born from sugar canes molasses, distilled and aged in our distillery of San José de Las Lajas, near Havana.

The only Cuban rum with a Sauternes finish

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Pacto Navio’s exclusive recipe stems from molasses milled from Cuban sugar cane.
The rich dark syrup is fermented and distilled in column stills, resulting in complex aguardientes - the fiery soul of our rum.
Aged in white oak whisky barrels, our Cuban rum slowly interacts with the wood and develops its sophisticated character, becoming more complex and mellower with age.
The Maestro del Ron Cubano selects and marries up to ten different rum bases to create an unified blend which gives the product its roundness and remarkable complexity of aromas.
A selective three-month ageing process in chosen Sauternes wine casks is what gives Pacto Navio rum its distinctive floral nature and smoother character.
Pacto Navio's distinctive bottle is embossed with a maritime compass, alluding to the historic trade journeys from Bordeaux to Havana.

Our Maestro del Ron Cubano unveils the secret of Pacto Navio

"The secret of Pacto Navio lies in Cuba’s history. It is a celebration of the past that inspired us to recreate limited batches of this legendary rum. With a little passion, expertise and some perfect timing to ensure that our product is bottled at exactly the right moment, the result is a rich dark rum with outstanding aromas and an exceptionally smooth finish."

Asbel Morales, Maestro del Ron Cubano

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When Cuban rum meets fine wine

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